Entrepreneurial thinking is being creative in finding innovative solutions. It involves taking initiative, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, being resourceful and learning from experience.

How We Can Help

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is an interdisciplinary nucleus for activities that will support entrepreneurial student experiences, enable faculty to lead in innovation and expand a growing community of entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers.


The Hunter Hub focuses on four core activities:


Programming & Events

Join us for a series of unique and experiential workshops, seminars, and programs we host for students and faculty. These sessions promote a culture of innovation, commercialization and positive social and economic impact. 

Access to Funds

To accelerate good ideas, we showcase funding opportunities that fuel their innovation and entrepreneurship. We also help student organizations access funding sources for activities that embody entrepreneurial thinking.

Cultivating a Network

As the hub for entrepreneurial thinking on campus, we connect people with resources, information, mentors, industry contacts, and each other — across campus, Calgary and beyond.

Creative Collisions

Our campus location includes our Collision Space — a 2,500 sq. ft., multi-use venue where people can meet, participate and interact. Our space can be booked and is available to the university and local entrepreneurial community, free of charge.

Our Team

Dr. Alice de Koning

Dr. Alice de Koning

Academic Director 

(403) 220-2979


Alice enhances the academic direction of the university’s commitment to entrepreneurial thinking by overseeing academic curriculum development and enriching the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial programming at the University of Calgary. 

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Rebecca Duquette

Development & Initiatives Specialist 

(403) 220-4646


Rebecca plays a critical role in the management and operation of the team and activities in the Hunter Hub. She oversees management and supervision of staff, project management and providing advice on budgets, finances and operational aspects of the Hub. 

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Elisa Park

Elisa Park

Health Innovation Program (HIP) Manager 

(403) 210-7288


Elisa provides support in identifying and implementing health innovation-related activities. She provides strategic oversight for the development of entrepreneurial activities, events and partnerships related to health innovation and entrepreneurship. 

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Naser Arda

Programs and Partnership Lead

(403) 680-3315


Naser is responsible for the design, development, implementation and retention of strategic partnerships and programming to develop the reputation of the Hunter Hub as a source of expertise for entrepreneurial thinking.

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Elise Ahenkorah

Elise Ahenkorah

Programs and Partnerships Lead 

(403) 220-8876


Elise is responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of the Hunter Hub's WELab and inclusive innovation programming. As a leader of the Programs and Partnerships Team, Elise leads the programming, marketing, partnerships and sponsorship activities for WELab and inclusive innovation programs. 

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Shea Coburn

Shea Coburn

Marketing and Communications Specialist 

(403) 220-2573


Shea is responsible for the development, implementation, and coordination of the Hunter Hub's communications and marketing plan. As a leader of the Communications and Marketing Team, Shea leads the Hunter Hub's brand management, advertising, media relations, partnerships and internal communications activities.

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Alex T

Alex Todorovic

Project Strategist, Technology 

(403) 220-4425


Alex creates strategies and defines how technology should be utilized to support the Hunter Hub's overall strategy. He is also the designer and developer of the Campus MApp — a campus wayfinding app that displays all buildings, floors, and rooms in 3D image across the University of Calgary's campus.

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Heather P

Heather Patrao-Rasiah

Event Planning Specialist 

(403) 220-4425


Heather is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the events and event strategy for the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking. Heather directs and monitors the overall event planning and manages the Hunter Hub’s student, faculty, and community volunteers.

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Rebecca Malott

Translational Specialist

(403) 710-7288


Rebecca contributes to the conceptualization, design, development and delivery of clinical and translational research projects in the Hunter Hub's health innovation portfolio. 


Jane Elizabeth Desrochers

Medventions Preprogram Coordinator

(403) 710-7288


Jane creates and communicates tactical and strategic actions for Medventions and other associated programming in line with the Hunter Hub's health innovation portfolio.